Strengthening Eyelashes, increasing them in Size! Ear Piercing! Pre-Sterilized-Health authority Approved! CAFLON natural look Australia! Quick! Safe! Painless! Eyes treatment, Calvanic facial, Hand and Arm treatment. Treatment program for Hair!
    Refreshing eyes
    A rejuvenating procedure of lifting effect with the use of professional massage of high-quality rejuvenating masks and also special regenerating technique.

    Duration: 55-65 min one session.
    Price one session: $125.
    Price six sessions: $690.
    Eyes Treatment
    An intensive treatment for fine lines and dehydrated skin. Will help to thicken and smooth the delicate eye area.

    Duration: 35-45 min one session.
    Price one session: $65.
    Price six sessions: $350.
    Hand and Arm Treatment
    An excellent treatment for helping to soften and smooth dry, rough and sun damaged skin. Also excellent for keratosis pilaris on the back of the arms.

    Arms Duration: 30-40 min. Price: $55-$85.

    Hands Duration: 20-30 min. Price: $25-$45.
    Silk hands
    A special system procedure for silk hands. Using deep cleansing nutrition and moisturizing the skin. We will make your hands beautiful and silky smooth.

    Duration: 25-35 min. Price: $25-$45.
    Wosk-treatment for hands
    An excellent treatment for very dry, dehydrated hands. It perfectly moisturizes, nourishes dry hands restoring the water-lipid mantle. With the help of a Wosk-treatment we will restore your beautiful hands! Moisturize your skin to the condition of silk hands.

    Duration: 35-40 min one session.
    Price one session: $95.
    Price five sessions: $445.
    Beauty Art Galvanic facial treatment
    After galvanotherapy, the complexion improves the skin becomes more elastic, moistened, dark circles under eyes become less noticeable. This procedure restores the moisture balance in the deep layers of the dermis. The blood flow is activated, the permeability of the cell membrane increases, tissue respiration improves, the synthesis of enzymes is accelerated.

    Duration: 60-70 min one session.
    Price one session: $100.
    Price six sessions: $550.
      Hair treatment
On the scalp from 80000 to 120000 hair. We do:
      - External and internal therapy
      - Injection methods - mesotherapy, plasmolifting.

  • Improve blood circulation, Circulating.
  • Vitaminizing hair roots and scalp.
  • The process of hair loss stops.
  • Hair gets volume and Shine.
  • The ends of hair are less than split.
  • Removes dandruff.
  • Reduces hair loss.
  • New hair is more Brilliant, Healthy.
  • Reduces the fat content of the skin on the head.

    Hair treatment

    Mesotherapy for scalp - price: $300-$670.
    PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) - price: $190-$450.
    Needling micro-rejuvenation - price: $245-$495.
    Individual advice on scalp and hair care - price: $150.
    Lift, long, Voluminous eyelashes!
    Sexy healthy natural eyelashes - A great alternative to lash extensions.
    Lash Lift and Perming for lovely-lasting lash curves. Professional treatment is all it takes to deliver a sumptuous lash lift that is retained, even after a shower or swimming, for up to 12 weeks.
- Faster application techniques saving you time - 20 minute treatment!
- Formaldehyde free.
- Advanced formulation containing nourishing and conditioning.
- Lifts lashes from the root.
- Creates the illusion of longer looking lashes.
- Opens the eyes - enhancing the natural lashes.
- Straighten or curl lashes.
- Suitable for short or long lashes.

    Price: $80-$160.
    Ears piercing
    In our beauty studio you can order ear piercing service for adults and for children not younger than one year old. We use high-quality sterilized jewelry, which are made of special medical alloy. Each hypoallergenic product is supplied in a sealed plastic housing that is disposable.

    Price: one ear - $50.
    Price: pair of ears - $65.
The prices on the site are given as reference information. It is not a public of the protocol of some procedures includes make-up removal, toning (if necessary) and the treatment itself. The price does not include any additional services, such as the use of masks, application of decorative cosmetics and the like. Any additional paid manipulations are agreed by the doctor with you before your treatment.

Lovely Lady, cost of the procedure varies depending on the condition of your beautiful skin and also the products that will be \ used on the procedure. You are the One in your existence. For You, we select an individual program.