Various peelings programs, masks, biorevitalization, mesotherapy, antibacterial treatment, microdermabrasion, bioreparation, mesoroll-therapy, beauty injectable, Botox, mesobotox, fillers. Complete skin restoration programs. Skin Needling.
    Lovely ladies! With us you can order a program to treat you and your unique skin. The program includes:
    - Deep cleansing
    - Partial proper nutrition
    - Professional massage
    - Unusual pleasant masks
    - The main thing - the Restoration of your unique skin plus excellent means for daily care.

    Duration: 90-150 min. Price: $265 - $595.
    Restorative Collagen Treatment Program
    The program includes a set of excellent procedures such as cleansing, toning, skin redermalization, special massage masks based on natural collagen with the introduction of deep layers of the dermis collagen + hyaluronic acid.

    Duration: 120 min one session. Price: $325 - $395.
    Duration: 90 min (one session). Price five sessions: $1250 - $1600.
      Clear your complexion with Chemical Peels
      When you are considering facial peels it is important to remember that there are many different types. Some peels are only very "light", removing the very superficial layers of skin. These "light" peels are excellent for freshening up your complexion and giving your skin that healthy glow without any downtime.
      Deeper peels such as the "TCA" peel go much deeper into the skin and remove many more layers. These peels are designed to bring about more significant improvements in the skin but also carry approximately one week of downtime. We provide the medium/deep peeling as well as on with more than 9 years of experience in this field.

      Facial peeling helps the skin to recover.
      There is an intensified production of collagen and elastin, which form the renewed cutaneous cover while smoothing and tightening the skin of the face.
      The surface layer of the skin is cleansed, due to which the skin is cleansed of all contaminants. The skin is tightened, the pores become narrower, wrinkles disappear, small scars, post-acne and irregularities on the surface of the skin are smoothed out.
      Chemical peeling is the procedure for applying organic acids to the skin, with the aim of correcting age changes, stretch marks, scars and skin pigmentation. Organic acid based sprinkles are an excellent opportunity to return a radiant, beautiful, wonderful appearance to the face.

      Some quick facts about Facial Chemical Peels
  • There are "light" peels and "deeper" peels.
  • For the light peels we use a mild organic acid (AHA) which removes dead cells and thickens the skin.
  • Patients can resume normal activities immediately.
  • At deep peeling - some mild flaking of the skin might be present for about a week.
  • Possible side effects include redness, irritation, blistering, discoloration, depending on the strength of the AHA used. But serious complications are extremely rare.
  • After the procedure Peels ("light" or "deeper") the skin becomes: Regenerating new cells Gloves and Looks Younger. Look and feel like a Baby!
  • Good results are expected after 2-5 treatment.
  • There are "light" peels and "deeper" peels.
    Light peels
    - Remove dull layers of dead skin;
    - Mild improvement of pigmentation;
    - Creating a "glow" type appearance within the skin;
    - No downtime; and
    - Very little risk of complications.

    Duration: 60 min. Price: $115.
      The best peels
      Treatment rough uneven texture, wrinkles and fine lines, solar keratosis, uneven skin tone and problematic skin issues. Preserving as much epidermis as possible while at the same time, getting the safest effective concentration of hydronium ions into the dermis. Stimulating the fibroblast in the dermis to increase the quantity of collagen in the dermis.

      The recommended course is from 3 to 6 procedures.
    How does it work?
    Light chemical peels remove the very superficial layers of skin. By removing these dead layers it will help improve uneven pigmentation and bring about a translucent glow to the skin.

    Duration: 70 min one session.
    Price one session: $225.
    Price five sessions: $1080.
      About the 3th or 5th day Make up can be applied once the skin has completely healed. You only need to be off Make up for 3 or 5 days until the skin finishes peeling.
      Superficial peels can be repeated every 3-4 months.

      It is proving to be an effective treatment for aging skin as well as particular conditions such as Rosacea, Acne and other skin conditions.

      To return the skin freshness and smoothness about the contour of the face, smooth lines today can be done without expensive operations.
    Skeen Needling
    Has a rejuvenating effect on the skin. Stimulates microcirculation of blood, restores weakened fibers of connective tissue containing collagen and elastin. The process of formation of a new collagen occurs, the rejuvenation programs are launched - the effect of lifting the skin becomes smooth, radiant, naturally young. A lot of small needles roll down the face causing small punctures + hyaluronic acid or vitamins enters deep into the dermis so there are many small punctures that stimulate the production of collagen - elastin. The recommended of treatment 3-6.

    Duration: 60 - 80 min. Price: $250.
    Microdermabrasion diamond treatment
    Method of deep exfoliation, purification procedure Microdermabrasion - the top layer of the skin is polished. Diamond technology removes the stratum corneum of the skin particles, leaving the skin fresh. After microdermabrasion, the skin breathes with renewed strength. This treatment gives a visible result immediately after the procedure. The skin becomes pleasant to the touch, gentle, like that of a baby. Stimulates the development of new collagen and elastin. You help the skin refresh, and she "Thanks" you with her beauty and health!

    Duration: 40 - 60 min. Price: $125-$200.

    We use Professional masks that penetrate deep layers of the skin and correct the changes that occur to it with age. At us you can order: Masks for enriching the skin with moisture. Improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow in the face area. Improves face with an oval. Our professional masks give the skin freshness and velvety, pores decrease. Saturation of the skin with nutrients. Regulation of the secretion of sebaceous glands. It removes irritation and inflammation. Your mood and self-esteem rises beautifully!
  • Collagen and placental-collagen masks $50-75.
  • Nourishing mask $35 - $55.
  • Anti-inflammatory masks $40 - $50.
  • Paraffin masks $25 - $50.
  • Clearing masks $30 - $50.
  • Alginate masks $45.
  • Moisturizing mask $45 - $65.
  • Masks with lifting effect $35 - $75.
  • Clay masks $20 - $45.
  • Whitening masks $25 - $65.
    Masks are applied to the pre-cleanse face with open pores. Depending on the application of the mask, the time is measured individually.
      We use the most modern and environmentally friendly diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. Using passive and active bioresonance therapy, non-invasive mesotherapy.
    Mesotherapy (microneedling)
    Cosmetic rejuvenation with little dosed transdermal administration of stimulant preparations (cocktails). The result is maintained for a long time. The cocktails include hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, trace elements, aminoacids. This treatment is aimed at enhancing the production of collagen and elastin. Reduces wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes. Moisturizes the complexion.

    Price: $365 - $670.
    Antibacterial treatment effect
    High-frequency electrotherapy of the skin. Generates pulses of weak alternating current of high voltage and frequency. Decrease in the number of propion-bacteria and staphylococci. The recommended number of sessions is from 1 - 10.

    Duration: 30-60 min. Price: $75 - $150.
The prices on the site are indicative and subject to change. It is not a public of the protocol of some procedures includes make-up removal, toning (if necessary) and the treatment itself. The price does not include any additional services, such as the use of masks, application of decorative cosmetics and the like. Any additional paid manipulations please discuss with specialist before your treatment.

Lovely Lady, cost of the procedure varies depending on the condition of your beautiful skin and the products that will be \ used on the procedure. You are the One in your existence. For You, we select an individual program.