Magic natural cocktails, Wax treatment, Smart treatment, Grand Deluxe facial. Enjoy the facial massage: Lymphatic drainage massage, Plastic, Toning massage, Relaxing facial massage, Facebuilding massage, Spanish Reformation, Buccal massage.
    Happy skin with Magic cocktails
    Treatment and recovery for the comfort of your beautiful skin with the use of natural vitamins. In this treatment we use Special Vitamin cocktails from Natural Plant extracts in hermetic ampoules. The treatment is used together with a natural collagen mask to enhance the awesome effect of the Vitamin Cache and to achieve an enhanced penetration effect deep into the dermis. As a result you will get deeply mosturised skin, saturated with vitamins and nutrients. An excellent procedure for your happy skin!

    Duration: 90 min. Price: $195.
       Natural extracts:
  • Pure - Boosts short-term moisture content and has a long-term hydrating effect. Absolute skin cell compatibility to reduce roughness, fine lines appearance and plumps the skin. Recommended for dry, very dry (sebostasis), ultra-sensitive or itchy skin.
  • Caviar - Exclusive care for fine lines & wrinkles. Recommended for stressed or ageing skin.
  • Aloe Vera - Soothes irritation & reduces redness. Suitable for couperose conditions.
  • Allantoin & Panthenol - Restores the moisture & oil balance of the skin restructuring.
  • Vitamin C - Revitalizes the skin & improves elasticity. Great decollate and bust treatment.
  • Ginkgo Biloba - Offers protection against free radical damage. Increases cells renewal. A wonderful hand treatment.
  • AHA & Green Tea - Smoothes wrinkles, clears & purifies acne-prone skin, helps to reduce skin pigmentation & increases exfoliation with the benefits of a natural antioxidant. Supreme for back and shoulder treatment.
       Supports skin lightening - promotes an even complexion and helps to ward off premature light aging (photo-aging) and age spots, reduces hyper-pigmented acne scars. Specifically protects the skin from damage due to stress factors such as UV-rays, dryness or heat.
    Special wax treatment
    With a wax treatment, the surface vessels narrow and the deep microvessels widen. Improves blood circulation. This is a wonderful alternative to treatment from
- black dots
- correction of the face oval
- swelling, dark circles under the eyes, mimic wrinkles, age related skin changes.
    Thanks to the treatment of WaxComplex, as a result
  • the skin is saturated with oxygen
  • cells renewal promoted
  • microtrac-puffiness disappears from the face
  • the skin tightens up
  • the contour of the face looks more defined.
    Duration: 80 min one session.
    Price one session: $185.
    Price five sessions: $875.
    Grand Deluxe facial
    - Reduces the effects of sun damage
    - Renews and brightens the skin by creating a healthier, smoother, softer and more radiant complexion
    - Neutralizes dark and uneven skin tone and lightens skin pigmentation
    - Delivery of vitamins, which aid in the prevention of acne development.
    Duration: 100 min. Price: $395.
    Shocking treatment!

    Improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Also stimulates natural collagen and elastin formation.

    Duration: 70 min. Price: $300.
    Fast and smart

    Helps to treat mild sun damage, dehydrated and acne-prone skin. Also promotes skin cells turnover.

    Duration: 45 min. Price: $95.
    Ancient Greeks used an effective facial massage. Ancient Roman women used natural herbs and oils before the massage. Chinese monks valued massage at the same level as the treatment.
    Before prescribing to a massage course, we have to diagnose your skin and then determine what type of massage recommended. The perfect way to achieve a therapeutic effect is combine facial massages with procedures or programs for restoring, rejuvenating and lifting the skin.
    In our studio of natural beauty we offer:
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Plastic (Myostimulation)
  • Toning massage
  • Relaxing facial massage
  • Facebuilding massage
  • Spanish Reformation
  • Buccal massage
The prices on the site are indicative and subject to change. It is not a public of the protocol of some procedures includes make-up removal, toning (if necessary) and the treatment itself. The price does not include any additional services, such as the use of masks, application of decorative cosmetics and the like. Any additional paid manipulations please discuss with specialist before your treatment.

Lovely Lady, cost of the procedure varies depending on the condition of your beautiful skin and the products that will be \ used on the procedure. You are the One in your existence. For You, we select an individual program.