Moisturizing Nourishing, Anti-aging Facial, Skin Whitening, Deep Cleansing, Rejuvenating Toning, Collagen, Acne Treatment. The best chemical Peels. Rosacea "Demodex folliculorum". Atraumatic deep cleansing.
      Deep cleansing facial - this procedure will return beauty and health to your skin by normalizing work of the sebaceous glands. After the purification, we use a special therapeutic method of applying current to the dermis, which is improving blood circulation and nourishing the deep layers of the skin, helping it to recover it faster.

After the deep cleaning procedure:
  • The skin will be matte and pleasant to touch
  • Skin will have no comedones
  • Skin appears a natural, healthy blush characteristic of youth.
      Complex facial cleansing does not have any contraindications; even on the contrary it can and should be performed under any conditions and at any age. The only thing you need to consider is that there will be a recovery of the skin after the procedure. So, if you are planning an important meeting, holidays or other event, use a deep cleaning treatment at least three days before the event.
    Recommended number of procedures for the best result 3 to 6.

    Duration 60-90 min. Price $125 - $195.
    To maintain the beauty and tone of the skin of the face at the proper level, every woman should perform purification procedures. The deep cleansing is not only cleansing procedure but also nourishing and rejuvenating.
    Mechanical cleansing gives you visible results, which could be noticed immediately after the treatment.

    Duration: 45-90 min. Price: $95 - $195.
    Acne Treatment (Propionibacterium acne)
    Although Deep Cleansing Facial goes well beyond products typically found in your local pharmacy, for people with severe acne or oily skin often it just not enough.
    Our Acne Treatment procedures are different from the usual procedures by an individual approach to each client. Before beginning the treatment, Doctor will carefully examine your face; prepare a plan with a set of procedures and treatments and only after that a decision will be made.

    Duration: 60-140 min. Price: $125 - $495.
      Facial peeling helps the skin to recover.
      There is an intensified production of collagen and elastin, which forms the renewed cutaneous cover while smoothing and tightening the skin of the face.
      The surface layer of the skin is cleaned, due to which the skin is free of all contaminants. The skin is tightened, the pores become narrower, wrinkles disappear, small scars, post-acne and irregularities on the surface of the skin are smoothed out.
      Chemical peeling is the procedure for applying organic acids to the skin, with the aim of correcting age changes, stretch marks, scars and skin pigmentation. Organic acid based sprinkles are an excellent opportunity to return a radiant, beautiful, wonderful appearance to the face.

      We use Peelings in order to rejuvenate your skin, we will make it fresh, beautiful and more elastic. Over time, a thick layer of epidermis does not allow deeper layers to breath and therefore the skin looks tired and dull. With the help of our Peelings, we can clean out black spots and other impurities. In order to make your skin Beautiful, Refreshing, Renewed, we offer our Peelings.
      After that you will become as new:
  • Your skin is renewed
  • Your skin elasticity is improved
  • Small wrinkles disappeared
  • Pores became normal
  • Scars became smaller
  • Pigment spots are lightened.

    Duration: 120 min. Price: $395.
      Medical grade & Professional chemical peels can work in a number of ways to improve or treat skin condition. Ingredients are carefully chosen to exfoliate the build-up of dry, oily congested and dead skin cells in order to promote a healthy, smooth, flawless & more youthful skin tone & texture. They are also geared to promote collagen production and strengthen the skin's integrity.
      We will find a special program for you to treat your individual skin type and solve your skin problems. Peel treatments are good for not only face but also chest, arms, hands and back.

      Chemical Peeling is a rejuvenating procedure. A chemical solution applied to the skin for peeling upper skin layers. Depending on the depth of the peel it can remove freckles, brown blotches, scaly sunspots and even superficial wrinkles.
      The peeled skin then replaced by new skin, which is generating from the depth of hair follicles. This new skin is free from the Sun exposure and looks fresh and unblemished in its appearance.
    The best peels
    Treatment smooths texture, wrinkles and fine lines, solar keratosis, uneven skin tone and problematic skin issues. It is preserving as much epidermis as possible while at the same time, delivering the safest effective concentration of hydronium ions into the dermis. It is also stimulating the fibroblast in the dermis to increase the quantity of collagen.

    The recommended course is from 3 to 6 procedures.
      Who Is Suitable For A Chemical Peel?
      Chemical Peeling is the best suited to individuals with fair skin. People with dark, olive or Asian skin are generally not suitable for the Medium / Deep Peels as they have a high risk of pigmentation problems afterwards. They may be better try a Superficial or Ultra-Superficial Peel.
    Rosacea (Demodex follicularum)
    Rosacea crythematosa
    Rosacea papulosa - rosacea cystosa
    Rosacea pustulosa
    For the treatment of rosacea we use advanced technologies and high-quality ingredients.

      What to expect after the treatment:
  • barrier functions of the skin are restored
  • epidermis thickens
  • stratum corneum, pigmentation and vasculogenesis normalized
  • acne eruptions, the signs of skin aging decreased
  • pores narrowed
  • increased stimulation of collagen/elastin synthesis / NMF / GAG.
    Duration 50 min - 150 min. Price $160-$600.
    Atraumatic deep treatment (cleansing)
    This procedure is carried out with the use of fruit acids which are penetrating deep into the skin. Exfoliation of keratinized particles contributes to the softening of contaminants, the purification of the pores of the sebaceous glands. Synthesis of elastin and collagen fibers is activated, the skin becomes more elastic.
    Result: Young, moisturized, cleansed skin!

    Duration: 60 min. Price: $125.
The prices on the site are indicative and subject to change. It is not a public of the protocol of some procedures includes make-up removal, toning (if necessary) and the treatment itself. The price does not include any additional services, such as the use of masks, application of decorative cosmetics and the like. Any additional paid manipulations please discuss with specialist before your treatment.

Lovely Lady, cost of the procedure varies depending on the condition of your beautiful skin and the products that will be \ used on the procedure. You are the One in your existence. For You, we select an individual program.