About EllaMel Beauty

Hello, my name is Ella and I am an experienced specialist with the medical degree in Dermatocosmetology obtained in Ukraine. Since my graduation, I gained an extensive 9 years experience in cosmetology industry. I conduct various methods of diagnosing skin and hair condition and carefully cheery picking individual types of treatments. Individual approach makes my studio special as I value every my client so you feel very special!

    I use different methods of skin correction, various tonic, rejuvenating, lifting treatments and acne treatment.
    As well as I solve aesthetic problems of the skin, I also can help you with a body tone by developing special diets.
Using advanced technology, experience and knowledge, combined with ancient beauty wisdom, let me rejuvenate you, restore your beautiful vitality and send you back out to wow the world!!!

Feel the confidence of being in skilled, capable and artistic hands!

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