Welcome to the EllaMell - studio of natural beauty!

Do you start seeing age signs on your face?
Noticed 'goose feet' wrinkles around eyes?
Want to look young outside the same as you feel inside?

We are here to take care of you!

Nowadays with help of modern technologies it became possible not only to maintain the skin in excellent condition, but also to slow down its aging process. In the salon of EllaMell Beauty you can make an appointment for a brief consultation with qualified experienced Cosmetologist with extensive knowledge in dermatology absolutely for FREE.

We do everything for you to remember for a long time, the Excellent quality of our procedures!!!
And the price paid for our procedures has long been forgotten!!!
Working with your unique appearance, we do not change it, but keep the beauty. Return only that which is lost with age. Our beauty salon uses high quality cosmetic products that contain all the necessary vitamins and microelements for skin rejuvenation. We will make your skin healthy and radiant!!!
Every Beautiful woman wants to be beautiful and well-groomed. Female charm - look beautiful, gorgeous, charming! In order to be always on top and in shape, we offer a set of treatments that will give you confidence in your Unique Beauty. You are the Individual! By nature - Beautiful! And we will help to emphasize your personality!
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